Sontext Serenity Printed Art Acoustic Panels are now available to order from Upside Building
‘Serenity Acoustic Art Panels are leading the way in bringing together unique and customised interior designs with internal noise control solutions. These sound absorption systems are designed to provide extensive design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation. Acoustic Art Panels can be used in many of applications, from Restaurants, Schools to Boardroom or Teleconference rooms. The main technical requirement of Acoustic Art Panels is to remove unwanted noise or reverberation from the room or space. By adding images to the panels they add a visual dimension to the space – as works of art or even promotional pieces.
Features and Benefits
Attractive and unlimited background fabric patterns, colours and textures.
Simple installation to any internal wall or ceiling surface.
Available in custom sizes or up to 3m high by 1.2 m wide.
These premium panels are fitted with L32 impact resistant membrane and MDF backing making them highly durable and suitable for high traffic areas.

Reception Or Foyers

Foyers or Reception counters in commercial buildings can be very noisy with many hard surfaces. This can result in the Receptionist having difficulty hearing callers on the phone. Serenity Art Panels can reduce noise while giving the company to display their logo at the same time.


Sontext have supplied many Acoustic Printed panels to Schools or Kindergartens. This gave the staff to use the Serenity Acoustic panels to display pictures for learning or for information. Serenity Acoustic Art Panels can be used in Classroom, play areas or science labs.

Boardrooms or Meeting rooms

Boardrooms and meeting rooms are an important part of commercial premises. Excess noise can effect teleconferencing or just make it difficult to conduct meetings. Serenity Art Panels can display corporate images or add pieces of artwork to the decor while improving the sound’