BORA PM-4500 Speedhorse™

The ultimate upgrade for your job site, workspace, or workshop. Shave precious time off-site setup and teardown so you can get to work faster and complete jobs more efficiently. The Speedhorse deploys 30x faster than conventional sawhorses; just pull the release button in the middle of the frame. Designed for flexibility in a wide variety of environments, BORA PM-4500 Speedhorse™ is built tough to withstand heavy projects ranging from construction and carpentry to furniture builds. And when the job is finished, simply pull the levers and fold the legs up; doesn’t matter which order.

BORA Centipede Workstands

The most flexible solution for your job site, workspace, or workshop. It sets up in mere seconds — no assembly required — so your entire worksite is ready in minutes. It’s versatile enough to easily set up indoors or outdoors to meet your needs for any project or installation. Flexible yet tough, the Centipede allows you to create a moveable custom workspace that supports 4500 lbs. — perfect for any equipment from power tools and heavy machinery to finished projects and glue-ups.

BORA® NGX Clamp Edges

Making it even faster and easier to break down sheet material and rip boards with clean, accurate cuts every time. Hook the Clamp Edge across your board, line up your cut, and clamp it to your material all from one side. The ergonomic sliding clamp handle allows easy one-side clamping and adjustment. Made of heavy-gauge, rigid aluminum for extreme durability, the 96-inch Clamp Edge includes the 48-inch Clamp Edge and 48-inch Quick Connect Extension. The Quick-Connect Extension is designed with revolutionary technology for a quick, toolless connection of the extrusions.

BORA® NGX Saw Plate RT

Compatible for use with the BORA® NGX Clamp Edges, the saw plate’s new intuitive, easy-to-use design allows quick, tool-free mounting that is adjustable to fit most all circular saws. Simply connect the saw plate to the clamp edge using the accurate t-track connector and snap in your circular saw and you are ready to go. Use your circular saw’s built-in indicator to align with the saw plate’s cut line, located at a convenient 2.0” offset, to get perfect cuts every time.