Innova Fibre Cement & Cladding

Full range of Innova™ fibre cement and cladding available for delivery throughout South Australia or collection from our Beverley warehouse.

Innova™ products exude an elegance and “wow” factor to external wall panels and external sheet cladding – elevating any building or renovation project into a solidly constructed, visually stunning structure.

Fibre cement is traditionally used on exterior facades, however Innova™ is changing these perceptions by using it in the interior of residential and commercial spaces. The benefits of Innova™ on the Inside are not just aesthetic. Fibre cement is robust and able to withstand heavy traffic, it is easy and fast to install, and joins don’t require taping, finishing, and sanding prior to painting.

With a choice of both traditional and contemporary styling, we distribute exterior cladding and interior cladding, lining and flooring in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste. Well-constructed quality is paramount, but everyone in this business knows that clients assess first with their eyes. Choosing Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement means that the first impression will always be “wow.”

BGC Fibre Cement offers a range of high-performance, variable-thickness fibre cement and Innova™ solutions for duplexes, houses, high-rises and condos. Meeting specifiers’ demands for fit-for-purpose walls and ceilings, they provide BCA-compliant products addressing every domestic application: interiors & exteriors, acoustics, impact and fire resistance, wet/dry environments and party walls.

Specifiers of buildings classified BCA Class 5 – defined as tasked for professional or commercial use – seek fibre cement and Innova™ solutions proven to meet rigorous acoustic, fire, impact and wet/dry stipulations.
BGC’s best-in-class fibre cement and Innova™ solutions are guaranteed compliant with all appropriate standards for commercial and office use, offering excellent performance and flexible application.

Health & Aged Care
It’s crucial that lightweight lining solutions in the healthcare environment – in structures defined by the BCA as Class 9a, covering hospitals, clinics, care homes and pathology functions – offer optimal insulation against fire, noise, water ingress and impact. They must also retain exceptionally high levels of hygiene.
Delivering excellent routine performance, BGC’s certified fibre cement and Innova™ solutions will also counter exceptional circumstances related to chemical and biological infection and radiation control.

BGC’s Fibre Cement and Innova™ solutions conform to the stringent requirements imposed by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) on Class 9b education buildings. Ensuring full compliance with standards designed to mitigate fire, flooding, impact and noise in schools, colleges and universities.

BGC Fibre Cement offers a variety of light, cost-effective and easy-to-manage fibre cement and Innova™ alternatives to masonry and concrete construction. Many options are designed to protect separating walls, external walls and exposed sub-floors in accordance with AS 3959-2018 (Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas).